Here is where you get answers to your questions about our Concrete Coatings LLC. Our FAQs are designed to make the product application process easier for you. If your questions aren’t answered here, feel free to reach out to us. We’re happy to address any concerns and issues.

(Q) Are these concrete coatings as strong as the surface where they are applied?
(A) Yes. In fact, many times, the coatings make the surface even stronger.

(Q) On what types of surfaces can I apply these coatings?
(A) You can use epoxy for any application as long as it is dry.

(Q) Do you offer rapid-curing products for those areas that have to be completed quickly?
(A) We offer many different curing times if you need a project to move quickly.

(Q) Does your team have industry experience related to my specific application?
(A) Yes. We have installed tens of thousands of square feet of the products we sell. Email us with any questions you may have before applying.

(Q) Will these coatings make plain surfaces beautiful?
(A) Yes. Epoxy is strong and adds a clean, attractive look to dull concrete and other surfaces.

(Q) Are there variables for curing times?
(A) Yes. Cure times vary based on temperature and humidity for each product.

(Q) How quickly can I complete a two-car garage with epoxy?
(A) You can coat a garage in as little as 48 hours.

(Q) What are the advantages of an epoxy floor?
(A) Your unprotected floors can be easily damaged from substances like road salt, oil, staining, and other fluids. Concrete coatings provide many years of protection.

(Q) What is an epoxy coating?
(A) Epoxy is a two-component coating that is much stronger than paint or other coatings. It is denser and harder. So, it is much more durable.

(Q) Why use Concrete Coatings LLC epoxy?
(A) When applied, our coatings enhance your current concrete floors, making them durable and longer-lasting.

(Q) What sort of preparation do I need to do before I apply epoxy?
(A) It’s best to grind your existing concrete floor to create a suitable surface for adhesion. Many big-box home improvement stores rent them by the hour or the day.

(Q) Why is preparation so important?
(A) Preparing the concrete surface is just as important as mixing the material correctly. A poorly prepared surface will have adhesion issues, which could result in peeling or lifting of the coating. The surface needs to be abraded and cleaned for proper bonding.

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